Teeth Brushing

It's important to take care of your pet's teeth, especially after they turn 2. The build-up of tartar can eventually affect your pet's kidneys. We recommend that your pet go to a vet for a "prophy", and then follow up with teeth brushing regularly. You cannot "over-brush" your pet's teeth, the more the better.



Our pets can get dry skin and hair just like us. Conditioning will help moisturize the skin and protect the hair.

Flea & Tick Shampoo

We deal with fleas and ticks all year round. We recommend you give your pets a flea and tick bath before doing a treatment. Our flea and tick shampoo is a natural way of getting rid of the parasites they have on them, but not a preventative. We recommend that you follow up with your vet for a strong preventative.

Nail Pawlish

We offer a wide variety of pet polish for your pets bling! Give your pet that extra glamor by adding polish to their groom.

Shed Treatment

Our shed treatment is two parts. First, we bath them in a de-shed shampoo to prepare the skin and coat for the de-shed treatment. The de-shed treatment sits on your pet for up to 10 minutes. This helps put moisture into the skin and results in reducing the size of the hair follicle (less shedding). We then blow out your pet to get rid of all the unwanted hair and do a 30-minute brush out with a Furminator tool.



We offer a temporary hair color or a semipermanent color. The temporary color will last until you wash it off. The semipermanent color will last about 3 months. We can dye your pet's ears, tail or pretty much anywhere. We don't recommend dying the whole pet. This process does take extra time, so be sure that when you schedule your appointment you let us know that you would like to do some color.

Nail Grinding

Nail grinding can get your pet's nails shorter and smoother than just normal nail clipping. We recommend this service to all our senior pet parents to help prevent unwanted scratches. Nails should be clipped or ground at least every 2 weeks.